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DOWNLOAD: Zuchu – Skyline Freestyle

Zuchu - Skyline Freestyle

Watch Zuchu – Skyline Freestyle deliver a sweet live serenade atop Trone’s production for SKYLINE: Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam singer-songwriter Zuchu is one of the most prominent voices in the Bongo Flava scene. Her 2020 single “Wana” catapulted her into stardom, and she’s seldomly been off the charts ever since. Her approach to live performance and the tenderness she brings to her SKYLINE freestyle is a true exemplar of her sweet personality.

On the latest episode of SKYLINE: Tanzania, Zuchu delivers a honeyed live performance. The subtle nods to the camera show off the fun the Tanzanian artist is having while freestyling. Her Bongo Flava roots amplify the live take. As we seek to take local cultures and put them on the global stage, Zuchu’s performance is a testament to staying true to yourself while crossing over.

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