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Young Killer – Artist Of The Week

Young Killer - Artist Of The Week

Our artist of the week goes to Young Killer Msodoki ( A young Rapper from Tanzania ), he has been active since he started his music career and still standing as all time best musician in the industry.

Msodoki’s career in music began when he was young, he began to love music when he was reading in the third grade of primary school Lake Mwanza. In 2008 after he finished the seventh grade he got a chance to record.

The musician used to attend various clubs in Mwanza where he would sing on stage. He faced a challenge of finding shows when he went into clubs to sing, he was rejected because he was considered a child. However, he was not one to despair, after finishing his secondary studies, he met a music producer who was known as the Duke, who had signed to work together under the label called Dar Laboratori.

Despite all of his struggles, he enjoyed great success musically and would build his mother a nice house, give him a car, and provide capital for his relatives who live in difficult conditions to do business.

Johventuretz.com today on Monday, we have selected him as the artist of the week based on the number of downloads his song titled SO SAD scored on the previous week, starting from Monday 09 to Sunday 15, March.

Who will have the throne this week? Lets all wait…….

Keep it up MSODOKI